Te Oho Ake

Te Oho Ake

Te Oho Ake is a community service for young people, focusing on alcohol and drug education in a Tiikanga youth leadership program. Our dedicated team empowers youth by building identity and confidence, instilling whanau principles and values, and providing knowledge for positive development in lifestyle choices.


  • Youth aged 13-18 who are using drugs and alcohol
  • Residents of Manakau
  • Youth at risk who have been expelled, truant from school or unemployed
  • Suffering from the effects of alcohol and drugs
  • Types of Referrals:
    •  Schools, government agencies, whanau, or through self-referrals.
    • If you or someone you know is dealing with truancy and alcohol or drug issues,
      we are here to help.


  • Home visits with you and your whanau
  • Weekly support - mentoring and counselling
  • Safe and positive environment
  • Kaumatua support
  • Methods of service:
    • Recognise addiction and abuse
    • Education about addiction
    • Harm reduction
    • Triggers of abuse
    • We take a Maori kaupapa approach using the whakapapa identity
    • The impact addiction has on you, your whanau and your community
    • Learn your pepeha (identity)

Phone: (09) 263 8040
Email: [email protected]
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