Takoha Burglary Prevention

We offer a distinctive reintegration service to support tauira in achieving a successful and sustainable return to whaanau, hapuu, and iwi. Guided by our Niho Taniwha philosophy and Taiaha model, we facilitate the entire process from entry to discharge.

Our services provide:

  • Te Whare Programme modules
  • Organized Experiential Learning
  • Reintegration planning
  • Whaanau hui (family meetings)
  • Personal development
  • Support for healthy lifestyles
  • Budgeting assistance

How we work with you:

  • Assign a Kaiarahi (navigator) for personalized support
  • Provide one-on-one support
  • Arrange Kaitahi a Whaanau (family meals)
  • Incorporate Tikanga Maori (Niho Taniwha)
  • Facilitate Hohourongo (healing)
  • Prepare and teach whaikorero, kapa haka, and waiata
  • Instruct mau rakau/whakairo
  • Offer advocacy and establish connections to fortify your support system
  • Develop a reintegration plan
  • Assist in preparing for your Learner's Driver’s Licence
  • Aid in finding accommodation
  • Prepare for or secure employment, training, or education
  • Identify whaanau/community support groups
  • Engage services in our network for comprehensive post-release support
  • Provide ongoing one-on-one post-release support for up to six months

We extend reintegration services to:

  • High Risk Spring Hill Correction Facility
  • Medium Risk Spring Hill Correction Facility
  • Medium Risk Auckland Metro
  • Medium Risk Auckland South

For referrals, contact Corrections Spring Hill or Community Probation in South Auckland South, Metro, and Hamilton.

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