Alcohol & Other Drug Residential Services

Te Ara Hou

Te Ara Hou is a dedicated kaupapa Maori alcohol and other drug service located in Weymouth, Counties Manukau. The purpose of this service is encapsulated in the following service mission statement:

Ko Te Ara Hou te huarahi ki te oranga, whaia hei hurahi ki te hou oranga.
Te Ara Hou is a pathway to wellness, pursue the new pathway and you will find total wellness

The core aim of the service is to help clients who have alcohol and other drug addictions, to overcome their addiction and choose a better lifestyle for themselves and their whaanau.

The programme offered at Te Ara Hou is a 26 week residential programme modeled on a Maori world-view (kaupapa Maori) Model of Practice named Te Toi o Matariki (the "awakening").  Te Toi Matariki works on the concepts that in order to realise your need to make change, one must understand who they are as an individual, then as Maori, then their cultural value base. 

Te Ara Hou also provides peer support to whaanau members who have been affected by the impact of alcohol and other drug use by their loved one, including one-to-one counselling and follow up support.

Te Ara Hou offers a 7 day social detoxification service which allows Akonga to detox from alcohol and drugs, during this time Akonga are supported into accessing further support whether this be community based support or a residential treatment program such as Te Ara Hou.

Te Ara Hou also offers an aftercare follow up service for Akonga who have graduated from the 26 week program.  This support is offered for up to 12 months and is designed to ensure Akonga can transfer their learning and changes made in residential treatment into their whaanau whilst living in the community.  The aftercare element of Te Ara Hou is not a treatment service; this is solely a support service that refers Akonga onto relevant services that can support them with issues they maybe facing in the community.

Referral Criteria

The service is available to males aged 18 years and above, and referral may be via any source, including self referral, whaanau, GP or other.   Acceptance into the service follows once an Alcohol and Drug Assessment is completed by a qualified Assessor.


This service is FREE to access.  No charges apply.

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Te Ara Hou AOD Residential Service

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